пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Lukashenko and his thugs against citizens (Photo)

Photographer Anton Motolko managed to capture several ' arrests '. Photos do not need to Kommetarii.

Belarussian militsyya for those who do not know this is a special type of derived Lukashenko's regime in the mid 90 's took place did not look at all the criminal history and other sins, it can be seen from the former Gopnik, petty criminals before the mercenaries who fought on the side of Chechen rebels is not a secret . The KGB is basically the same thing only the level they have on the above gbshniki mostly shoot with a tribute to big business that is doing their patronage as they say. Russians know that such a bribe cops and stuff but we should multiply by 100 Russian corruption and get militsyya Belarus. In most cases we can even say almost all of them are literate enough poorly educated, they have even the name on the uniform is not written correctly. Information to those who wish to visit Belarus if you are arrested and nothing is recaptured, not broken but simply took the money and a mobile phone so that you should be grateful it is common practice for them, the officers are already working on the larger fish is a bazaar stalls and other. All this is put into public policy and is considered normal and even as they do not take if he Lukashenko and his name doing business with confiscated goods, the sale of arms to various countries with a bad reputation. Now is the policy of attracting immigrants to the country from different regions of the Caucasus, one can often find them in the police, it is mostly people who do not got on together with the regime of Kadyrov's people with a dark past who have participated in combat operations in different groups. In the photo you can find a lot of faces but also for the future good stuff who will catch them because Lukashenko will take it anyway even know his loyal supporters why they are buying real estate in various countries where the regime of good relations is a country like Venezuela and. Here's what to do with all this police slag future government that is another story.

Although what I mean;) then there are no laws.

Recall that a group of ... On June 8 Belarusians gather in the squares of their votes without any symbolism and express their protest clapping your hands or stamping.
Like last time, on June 15, now with 17. 00 October Square in Minsk was surrounded by turnstiles. On the square in front of a street display was deliberately exposed to paddy.

In the center of Minsk was a large number of riot police in plain clothes and form. Their number is estimated at several thousand.

Traffic on Independence Avenue was blocked. Metro trains did not stop at the metro station ... On the streets of Moscow in the direction of the Independence Square passed only public transportation.

Be on the October Square were banned. Riot policemen have stated that there will be some kind of action, without specifying what. People who are special forces were driven from the square, trying to sit on the parapet along the streets of Engels (near the supermarket, ...

The huge accumulation of forces and riot police were on the Victory Square and Liberty.

On October Square journalist seized the radio ... Two riot policeman dragged him right across the square to his coaches at the Palace of the Republic of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee. The journalist tried to escape, fell on his knees. He twisted his arms behind his back. Ran two more policemen and shoved into a bus Hruzdzilovich. Journalist arrested as ...

People, however, still have to meet. They occupied almost the entire sidewalk from the ... The protesters clapped, cars kept their signals. Eventually riot police at the ... Some people have been detained on the avenue.

Winners at the intersection of Prospect and internationally, outside the hotel ... Near them - hundreds of police and special forces. Engels on the street, the National Bank, as well as in the GUM has gathered more than a thousand. SWAT pushed people toward Nemiga.

Liberty Square continued detention. People were crammed in a paddy. On the radio reported the police arrest 150 people.

The whole center of Minsk was filled with protesters and riot police in black uniforms. Inadequate police action caused only indignation Minsk, forcing them to join the actions of nonviolent resistance.