суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

About nondescript rags freedom

Mozgoeb experienced. Highly scum with dissocial personality disorder. The support of the Order of 1 degree for his contribution to the development of a network ' trolling '. Specialist knitting sweaters from the tangles of intrigue. Alone among the sonmischa D'Artagnan by a fag. Panseksualist Tueva huchey with deviations from the ' norms '.

It has been a year or two, just do not know, but hardly anything has changed in me. People are not able to change, only the masks have to wear every day more and more. Life is not a theater, a vulgar dressing room. However, it is not disgusting, this is my freedom and the price for it. No flair, no masks and no tinsel on such an ancient notion of the value of such an amorphous. The songs sung about anything, but not on such a large. And let 's not look so rosy, but I am glad my freedom, and the ability to do all that would be my will ( as stated in the basic law of Thelema, among other things), and let the part of it sometimes seems. stunningly ugly. Yes- a, a year ago I was planning to implement the lion's share of one's expectations. Now in the past. As, however, are gone, and similar personal posts on this blog.

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