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In New York, built a WLAN

According to. Info World. Financial terms were not advertised.
Through this project, the owners of mobile handsets Nokia N80, N91, and Internet Tablet Nokia 770 Internet Tablet will be able to attend a special mobile portal Wi-Fi Salon, accessible only via Wi-Fi. This resource will be offered a variety of multimedia content from selected media partners, Nokia. Members also mobile phones from other manufacturers, connecting to Wi-Fi, will be redirected to a site with information about the park and surrounding area. The portal will also contain multmediyny content that can be downloaded only in the park wireless LAN.
Wireless WLAN networks enmeshed in the most famous parks in Central Park will be held eight separate networks, each with its own local web portal. It is known that the company has Wi-Fi Salon is looking for additional sponsors for the project and plans to sell advertising space on their portals.
Source:. Kompyulenta.

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